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Our Philosophy

Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic college preparatory for young men who are economically and academically underserved in Watts and the surrounding communities.

As a Catholic high school, Verbum Dei is dedicated to the full proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The school is committed to the holistic development of each student and recognizes that each student is a unique individual, shaped by ability, aptitude, culture, and experience.

Spiritually Centered

Verbum Dei means “Word of God” in Latin, and it is God’s Word through scripture, prayer, and worship that invites and challenges the faculty and staff to promote the intellectual, personal, spiritual, physical, and social growth of students. In caring for the whole person, every effort at Verbum Dei is focused to encourage in students a positive self-image and to foster the holistic formation of their full potential. Graduates of Verbum Dei will be open to growth, spiritual, and loving.

The school provides a student-centered, college preparatory curriculum that promotes an honest exchange of ideas and opportunities for leadership and service. The academic program is designed so students will be college-ready by their senior year, developing in them the desire for post-secondary education. Graduates of Verbum Dei will be intellectually motivated.

Work Experienced and Professionally Motivated

Verbum Dei is a member of the Cristo Rey Network of schools whose mission is “to transform urban American one student at a time – all students will graduate from high school and college.” As a Cristo Rey school, every student participates in the Corporate Work Study Program – students work five days per month to help cover the cost of their education, to see the practicality of what they are learning in the classroom, and to realize future vocational possibilities for themselves, as well as develop skills for lifelong success. Graduates of Verbum Dei will be work experienced.

Owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the school’s mission is co-sponsored by the California Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). The school is staffed by the Jesuits and lay partners in mission.

Social Justice and Service

As a Jesuit school, students are expected to be “men with and for others.” Christian service and reflection on service (service learning) are essential to students’ pursuit of a more humane and just world. Knowledge of the suffering of the world’s poor, next door or thousands of miles away, and responsible participation in activities that address the needs of the poor are the woof and warp of Jesuit education. Graduates of Verbum Dei will be committed to doing justice

Co-curricular activities – athletics and student clubs – play an important role in the development of students’ self confidence and ability to work with others. Various social opportunities and cultural programming enhance the learning experience and help form a cohesive student body.

Well-Rounded Young Men

Verbum Dei supports the efforts of families to help form their sons as responsible gentlemen and caring members of our society. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, faculty and staff serve as facilitators to assist parents and students in the educational process and hold high expectations for students, believing that all students can graduate from high school and college. Faculty and staff success is measured by how the school serves the economically and academically underserved. The school serves Catholic and non-Catholic families and will provide aid to families who cannot pay the minimal tuition.