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MMcdonaldThe faculty of Verbum Dei High School is dedicated to providing their students with a quality education. They are committed to utilizing effective instructional strategies, providing necessary supports, and maintaining the academic rigor required of a college preparatory high school. Our faculty models Ignatian Pedagogy in being “men and women for others” by going above and beyond in service to their students.

Warm regards,
Maria McDonald
Dean of 9th and 10th Grades



JJovelVerbum Dei High School offers a college-preparatory curriculum that is designed to prepare students for success in college and life. Verbum Dei’s faculty has an unwavering commitment to equipping our students with a skillset that focuses on them being engaged, motivated, critical thinkers, and innate problem solvers. Our dynamic curriculum encompasses a range of courses that include both honors and Advance Placement courses. It is our mission that the curriculum offered at Verbum Dei is empowering, transformative, and produces young men who are ready to positively impact our communities.

In faith,
Jesse Jovel
Dean of 11th and 12th Grades