Adopt-A-Student Program


The Adopt-A-Student Program began in 2011, so that donors and friends of Verbum Dei could feel a stronger connection to the school. Access to a high-quality education is crucial to the personal and long-term development of children, families and communities. Through our Adopt-A-Student Program, you can help us help these fine young gentlemen achieve their dreams of graduating high school, graduating college, and, becoming fine productive citizens in our society.

Participating in the Adopting-A-Student Program simply means being financially supportive of the funding gap between actual cost and actual funding — $10,000 for each of our students. By participating, you will get to know “your” student(s), as they will send you acknowledgement letters, photographs, class assignments, etc. and we hope that you will also correspond with notes of encouragement. You see, part of our mission is to teach our gentlemen to appreciate the support of our benefactors — we feel it will help them to remember to give back to important causes when they achieve success.


We thank you for considering our Adopt-A-Student Program. Your support will go a long way in delivering quality education to deserving students in the economically and academically underserved community of Watts California, and the surrounding communities.

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Adopt-A-Student Program Giving Levels

  • Summa cum laude ~ “with highest honor”—$10,000.00 and above
    Adopts the full funding gap of the cost of at least two students for the full school year
  • Maxima cum laude ~ “with very great praise”—$7,500.00 to $9,999.00
    Adopts the full funding gap of the cost of one student and half the gap of another student’s for a full school year
  • Magna cum laude ~ “with great honor” –$5,000.00 to $7,499.00
    Adopts the full funding gap of the cost of at least one student for the full school year
  • Cum laude ~ “with honor” –$2,500.00 to $4,999.00
    Adopts at least half of the funding gap of the cost of one student’s for a full school year
  • Honor Roll ~ “with recognition” –$1,000.00 to $2,499.00
    Donations go towards the general students’ funding gaps

Benefits of Being an Adopt-A-Student Sponsor Include:

  • One on one correspondence with student you have sponsored.
  • Video chats with student you have sponsored.
  • Invitation to end of year Meet & Greet Adopt-A-Program event.
  • Invitation to Commencement Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony if your student is a senior.

Please join us by making a difference in these boys lives!


Download the Adopt-A-Student Brochure


Adopt-A-Student Council

The Council plans events for AAS students. They will aide in securing guest speakers for Lunch and Learns events, College style, as determined by the students thru surveys. The Council also assists AASP students find summer internships and potential mentors as determined by their majors or fields of interest.

Interested in learning more or joining the Adopt-A-Student Committee? Please contact: Michelle Cordova, (323) 564-6651, Ext. 5120