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Your contribution to Verbum Dei, whether as corporate partner, sponsoring foundation, individual donor, student adopter, volunteer worker, or gala participant, sees to it that those who are "born to win" are also "schooled to win." Together, we are working tp insure that the hard work and academic successes of at least the young men of Verbum Dei earn them all the benefits and opportunities that come with a college education. 

Thank you for your support of Verbum Dei and for making the American Dream a reality for our students and their families.  

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Monthly Mailers


 Our Monthly Mailers offer an in-depth look at standout programs, alum, faculty, students, benefactors and occasions at Verbum Dei.



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 Please enjoy our past issues! 

MM-Commitment Day 2021

MM- Virtual President's Gala 

MM-Dr. Frank Luntz

MM- Dan & Sue White

MM-Planned Giving

MM- Pablo Zapotecas

MM- Employee Adopt-A-Student-Program

MM - Bryan Moriera

MM - Commitment Day

MM - Nick Spates

Sponsorship Programs

The Adopt-A-Student Program began in 2011, so that donors and friends of Verbum Dei could feel a stronger connection to the school. The Adopt-A-Teacher Program was created in 2014, and by participating donors get to know the teachers and how they teach. Access to a high-quality education is crucial to the personal and long-term development of children, families and communities. Through our Adopt-A-Student / Adopt-A-Teacher Programs, you can help us help these fine young gentlemen achieve their dreams of graduating high school, graduating college, and, becoming fine productive citizens in our society.


Questions? Please contact: Stephanie Andrade - (323) 564-6651, Ext. 5110