Annual Report


Here at Verbum Dei, we encourage our students to become “men with and for others” who will be agents of change in our society. We know that our students are building the future and that we have the responsibility to inspire our students to become who God is calling them to be – and, as St. Ignatius said, to “set the world on fire!” We do this not only through our theology classes, but also through the numerous ministry opportunities we offer. We have a thriving Christian service department that ensures all students give back to the community, as well as a campus ministry department that helps students explore and form their faith. Students at Verbum Dei do not just grow intellectually, but spiritually and personally as well!

Men for Others ...

Christian Service

Men of Verb are men with and for others that learn the importance of giving back to their community through our Christian Service program. Our young men are provided with the opportunities to help the elderly, visiting the sick, and coaching the youth. Each Verbum Dei student is required to complete a minimum of 5 direct Christian Service hours per quarter for four quarters, for a total of 20 direct Christian Service hours per school year. Any extra service hours completed during a quarter is credited toward future quarters within the same school year. Students may also begin as early as the summer break to start earning Christian Service hours towards the new school year. However, service hours may not be carried from one school year to the next.

Weekend Service Plunges

Each year, Verb offers two weekend service plunges. These are opportunities for students to get outside the city and do service in a new setting. Over the years, Verb has built a relationship with Xavier Prep High School, the Jesuit school in Palm Desert. We sleep at Xavier Prep, and some of their students perform the service with us while we are there that weekend. Our students see and begin to understand the economic disparity visible in the Coachella Valley.

Similarly, twice a year, students from Xavier Prep stay on Verb’s campus. Our students have the opportunity to do service with the Xavier Prep students in our hometown during those weekends.

Navajo Service Immersion Trip

Each spring, students have the opportunity to apply for the Navajo Service Immersion Trip. Twelve students are selected each year. We drive out to southeast Utah, stopping to see the Grand Canyon on the way. Once in Utah, we immerse ourselves in Navajo culture, learning about their traditions and beliefs. While there, we also perform service with the local community. This is an amazing opportunity for students to experience a culture and environment that is completely new, and to learn from that experience.

Campus Ministry

At Verbum Dei, we live out cura personalis, or “care for the whole person.” This includes care and concern for the health and growth of our students’ spiritual lives. Campus Ministry brings faith alive through liturgies, class retreats, reconciliation services, parent-son prayer breakfasts, and an active Christian service program. Ultimately, we offer a multitude of ways for students to deepen their understanding of themselves and others as individuals who are deeply loved by God, who commit themselves to living the Ignatian vision of being “men with and for others.”

Meet the Campus Ministry/Christian Service Team

Campus Ministry is led by a group of adults, as well as a student leadership team known as the JEDIS (Jesuit Educated Disciples In Service). The JEDIS help plan and lead all the faith-based activities on campus, and help build the brotherhood among Verb’s student body.

Karen Chambers – Director of Campus Ministry
Carlos Rodriguez – Christian Service Coordinator & Campus Ministry Assistant
Eddie-Joe Vieyra – Campus Ministry Assistant & Music Director
Sam McGrath – Campus Ministry Assistant
Joe Kensok – Campus Ministry Assistant
George Teodoro, SJ – Adult Faith Formation
Lizette Bernal – Adult Faith Formation


JEDIS Mass of HS 2 1024x576 CROPPEDStudent JEDIS:  Khyree Dodson, Héctor García, Alex Gutierrez, Oscar Herrera, Omar Lozoya, Danny Medina, Miguel Olivarez, Francisco Padilla, Oscar Paniagua, William Perez-Menjivar, George Rosales, Jesus Sosa, Geonn Taylor, Angel Tobar, Anthony Valentin, RaSean Williams



Retreats are an integral part of the personal and spiritual formation of Verbum Dei students. All students participate in a retreat each of their four years, which are all off-campus. Freshmen and sophomores each have a day-long retreat. Juniors have an overnight retreat, and seniors experience the four-day Kairos retreat.