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Adopt-A-Teacher Program

adoptteach1It costs Verbum Dei on average about $100,000 per teacher annually—which includes salary, materials, and overhead. Tuition is only $2,700, yet families pay on average about $1,100. Our work study program generates $7,500 per student per year that goes directly to their education. Some students receive support from the Catholic Education Foundation, but not all students. So, that leaves a funding gap of $10,000 cost per student or written another way, that’s about a $70K funding gap per teacher (See “average scholarship funding” below). And with 22 teachers, the gap can be quite large every year.

Access to a high-quality education is crucial to the personal and long-term development of children, families and communities. Through our Adopt-A-Teacher Program, you can help us help these fine young gentlemen achieve their dreams of graduating high school, graduating college, and, becoming fine productive citizens in our society by sponsoring a teacher—the people who make it all possible!

adoptteach2Participating in the Adopt-A-Teacher Program simply means being financially supportive of Verbum Dei’s funding gap—at least $10K for one teacher. By participating, you are sponsoring a teacher that you will get to know and get to know how they teach. Your teacher can be selected based on your favorite subject, etc. You can interact with your sponsored teacher through acknowledgement letters, classroom reports, meeting(s), scheduled classroom visits, phone calls, etc.

Please join us by supporting the most important job in the world!


Adopt-A-Teacher Program Giving Levels

  • Doctorate—$200,000.00 and above
    Adopts at least two teachers for the full school year
  • Master’s —$100,000.00 to $199,000.00
    Adopts the cost of at least one teacher to close to cost of another teacher for the full school year
  • Undergraduate —$75,000.00 to $99,999.00
    Adopts the cost of at least ¾ of one to close to one full teacher for a full school year
  • Secondary –$50,000.00 to $74,999.00
    Adopts the cost of at least ½ to close to ¾ of one teacher for the full school year
  • Primary –$25,000.00 to $49,999.00
    Adopts at least a ¼ to close to ½ of cost of one teacher for a full school year
  • Honor Roll –$10,000.00 to $24,999.00
    Donations go towards the general teacher funding gaps

Benefits of Being an Adopt-A-Teacher Sponsor Include:

  • One on one correspondence with teacher you have sponsored.
  • Approval of how teacher’s 10% stipend will be spent.
  • Invitation to end of year Meet & Greet Adopt-A-Program event.
  • Please join us by supporting the most important job in the world!


Questions? Please contact: Paul Hosch, (323) 564-6651, Ext. 5100