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Profile of the Verbum Dei Graduate at Graduation

In one sense, the graduate is a threshold person: he is on the threshold of adulthood. The world of childhood has been left behind. The movement from childhood toward adulthood has involved physical, emotional and mental development which has brought out strengths, abilities, and characteristics which adults and peers began to appreciate. The adolescent during those four or five years prior to graduation began to realize that he could do some things well and some things very well. There have also been failures and disappointments. Even these, however, have helped the student to move toward maturity.

For descriptors, we chose those qualities which seem most desirable not only for this threshold period, but those which seem most desirable for adult life. These six general categories sum up the many areas of life most in accord with a full adult living of the Christ life. These characteristics are: Open to Growth, Intellectually Motivated, Spiritual, Loving, Committed to Doing Justice, and Work Experienced.

Open To Growth

The Verbum Dei graduate is open to growth. He embodies self-confidence, responsibility for growth and desires integrity in various facets of his life and in relation to others. He accepts his strengths and weaknesses and is conscious of his feelings. He is open and reflective to various perspectives and new experiences and possesses the ability to be flexible and make value-driven decisions.

Intellectually Motivated

The Verbum Dei graduate is intellectually motivated. He demonstrates mastery of fundamental academic skills and discipline necessary for advanced education. He is a life-long learner who critically analyzes contemporary issues and forms an opinion on them. He is a well-informed citizen; recognizing his role as a compassionate person and responsible citizen he desires ever greater knowledge and wisdom to more profoundly participate in the best interest of self, family, and community.


The Verbum Dei graduate is spiritual. He has a sincere and deep sense of God’s presence and love in his life. He has an understanding of Catholicism and has developed an understanding of his faith in relation to Christianity, deepening his personal relationship with God through prayer, contemplation and action. Being spiritually rooted, he makes value-driven choices and recognizes the value in healing and reconciliation with himself, others, and the Lord. He is a “man with and for others,” recognizing the human dignity of all and therefore committed to understanding and responding to issues of social justice for a more humane and just world.


The Verbum Dei graduate is loving. He is aware that he is loved unconditionally by God, and in turn, shares this depth of love through fidelity toward friends and family, and preferentially those most in need. He is able to put himself in another’s place and has faced his prejudices and stereotypes. He is enriched by sharing himself through service with and for others.

Committed to Doing Justice

The Verbum Dei graduate is committed to doing justice. He is aware of the injustices and prejudices that surround him both locally and globally. He recognizes the moral ambiguities and complexities of social issues. As a leader and role model, he heeds the call of the Gospel to effect change and sees service as a gift to self, as well as to the community. Understanding that some of life’s most worthwhile endeavors are neither easy nor comfortable, the graduate leaves with the knowledge and courageous confidence that he can make a difference in the world through his life.

Work Experienced

The Verbum Dei graduate is work experienced. Through the Corporate Work Study Program, the graduate has learned the importance of being a dependable and responsible worker while displaying a positive work ethic. He accepts his strengths and areas for growth as an opportunity to develop and mature as a young professional. He is communicative and motivated about looking for opportunities to discover and demonstrate personal talent.