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The Corporate Work Study Program at Verbum Dei

cwsp JAThe signature component of Verbum Dei High School is the Corporate Work Study Program, a national educational model in which businesses invest in student workers to make college-preparatory education possible for students with economic need. This unique program allows businesses to fill entry-level clerical positions with no overhead, and it provides students with the ability to earn a significant portion of the cost of their private, college-preparatory education and the opportunity to gain professional work experience.

Every Verbum Dei student takes a full course load of college-preparatory classes in addition to working one day each week in the professional offices of our business sponsors. As a proven business model, the Work-Study Program is designed to meet your entry-level employee needs and your bottom line. The partnership also offers invaluable mentoring and motivation for our students while reinforcing the thinking strategies and lifelong learning behaviors emphasized in the classroom.

The Verbum Dei Work-Study Program benefits your company’s bottom line, our student’s educational career, and the greater good of our collective community through workforce development. To begin your company’s participation in the Verbum Dei High School Corporate Work Study Program, contact me today at 323-564-6651 ext. 5400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Joe Anlauf
Vice President Recruitment, Corporate Work Study Program

cwsp ccAt the onset of my career at Verbum Dei I learned that the companies participating in the work study program do more than financially contribute to the cost of education. The men and women who dedicate time and resources to expose students to a professional environment do so selflessly and willingly. They accept that our students' mistakes are learning opportunities; encourage questions and creative ideas; applaud effort over ability; reinforce responsibility and accountability; and teach valuable skills. They are co-educators in the growth of the Verbum Dei gentleman.

Verbum Dei students mature into confident men prepared for college, internships and future jobs. Networking and communication are just two of the many skills learned over their 4-year internships in the Corporate Work Study Program. Upon graduation, they have developed a strong resume and learned the importance of being dependable and responsible workers. Our students are work experienced when they graduate from the Verb.  

Partnering in mission with Verbum Dei contributes to the development and growth of our community – it is an investment that transforms one Verb student at a time.To learn more about Verbum Dei’s Corporate Work Study Program contact us today.

Cristina Cuellar
Vice President Programming, Corporate Work Study Program