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Christian Service

Men of Verb are men with and for others that learn the importance of giving back to their community through our Christian Service program. Our young men are provided with the opportunities to help various communities, such as the elderly, visiting the sick, and coaching the youth. Each Verbum Dei student is required to complete a minimum number of service hours each year, adding up to at least 100 hours by the time they graduate. Our students are working to make our communities better.

Weekend Service Plunges

Each year, Verb offers two weekend service plunges. These are opportunities for students to serve with fellow students from another Jesuit high school in southern CA.

Over the years, Verb has built a relationship with Xavier Prep High School, the Jesuit school in Palm Desert. We sleep at Xavier Prep one weekend each year, and some of their students perform the service with us while we are there that weekend. Our students see and begin to understand the economic disparity visible in the Coachella Valley.

Similarly, students from Xavier Prep stay on Verb’s campus for a weekend each year. Our students have the opportunity to do service with the Xavier Prep students in our hometown that weekend.

Navajo Service Immersion Trip

Each spring, students have the opportunity to apply for the Navajo Service Immersion Trip. Eighteen students are selected each year. We drive out to Navajo Nation in southeast Utah, stopping to see the Grand Canyon along the way. Once in Utah, we immerse ourselves in Navajo culture, learning about their traditions and beliefs. While there, we also perform service with the local community. This is an amazing opportunity for students to experience a culture and environment that is completely new, and to learn from that experience.

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