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An Old Soul in a Young Musician's Body

Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton, Verbum Dei class of 2007, continued refining his musical talents after graduating from the Verb and he has been unstoppable. 

jpaxtongradRecently featured in a Vanity Fair article, Paxton’s musical talents were apparent from his days at the Verb.  

Current staff members Mashanda Finn and Chris Clarkston recall him coming to school on free dress days “wearing overalls, his yarmulke, and playing a banjo or harmonica.” At his Corporate Work Study Program placement, the Braille Institute of America, he regularly played his harmonica for the staff and students and performed a concert for them.

Paxton has since toured all over the world, has been the subject of articles in publications like The Village Voice and The Georgia Straight, will perform at Carnegie Hall in February 2016, and is going to be featured in the PBS documentary “American Epic.”

Paxton’s name brings smiles and warmth from the Verb faculty who remember him. He was often described as a teenager with an old soul. According to Ms. Karen Chambers, Jerron “could go from laughing and joking to having a deep insightful conversation without skipping a beat. He got along with everyone—teachers and classmates alike. He was always proud of who he was.” Mr. Nic Hogan remembers him as “very creative, not just with music but also with writing and drama.” Proud of his accomplishments, Verb is honored to have him as alum.