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Verbum Dei Grads at St. Johns

Recently, Dr. Martinique Starnes, Dean of Counseling and Students Affairs at Verb, traveled to Minnesota to visit the campus of College of St. Benedict / St. John's University. Although we have sent dozens of students to the school, she had never had the opportunity to visit. As you would expect, there is a stark contrast between our community and the new place where our alums now call home.

The hospitality was amazing and both campuses are beautiful. (Our guys live on the campus of St. John's University - the men's campus - but have access to resources and classes on both campuses.)

Currently, we have 13 Eagles studying at St. John's and the best part of the visit was catching up with all of those guys, especially the freshmen, who were completing their second week of college. The only one she did not see was Greg Warner, a junior, who is in China, studying abroad. Dr. Starnes also caught up with Ms. Anne McCarney, former Verb English teacher who sends her love.

It was a blessing for her to be able to visit and spend time with our alumni.


(L to R) Reibel Ramirez '14, Jamie Munoz '14, John Peeples '14, Keith Sweet '15, Victor Navejas '15, Matthew Usher '12, and Joel Jimenez '12