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President’s Message

Welcome to Verbum Dei High School


Dear Verb Parents and Students,

PrivettWelcome back to those of you who are returning to campus, and an especially warm welcome to the newest members of the Verb community, among whom I number myself since I officially joined Verbum Dei High School as President on July 1.

I am excited about the quality of our students and our parents’ support for the Verb’s program of academic, professional and personal development. Student grit and parental support are important ingredients in the Verb’s success story of 100% college acceptance of our graduates. Verb faculty and staff are completely dedicated to student learning and work tirelessly to see each young man reach his full potential. We count on parental engagement so that what happens in the classroom, on the job, during retreats and on the playing field are supported at home. Our students need encouragement and support throughout their four years at Verbum Dei. The challenges they face here are real and so are the opportunities that the Verb opens up for them: college, professional careers, constructive engagement in their communities, positive role models for families and friends, a mature capacity to love and be loved. It is our intention that students graduate from the Verb with the desire and the personal resources to be a person for and with others, which is the overarching goal of Jesuit education.

In the Gospel, Jesus talks about a person who discovers a treasure buried in a field and sells all that he has to buy that field and the hidden treasure it contains. Similarly, education at the Verb may require that you students give up something in order to acquire the priceless treasure of a great education, knowing that education may be the one thing that no one can ever take away. One can lose money, good looks, cars, jobs, power, influence, friends, but not education. You may have to give up hanging-out time for study, individual goals for those of a team, neighborhood chums for Verb friends, immediate pleasures for long term rewards. I don’t know what challenges you will face, but I do know you will face challenges. We—faculty, staff, parents—are all here to support you through those challenges that call you to be the best person you can be and ultimately lead you to a rich and rewarding life. We want to work with you students to help you discover the treasure you are, so that you may share the richness of yourself with all those whose lives you will touch.

Stephen A. Privett, SJ